Concrete Pumpkins for Halloween

concrete pumpkins

Halloween is right around the corner! This means many people are putting up their Fall decorations, which includes pumpkins. There are many benefits of concrete pumpkins that we will discuss.

Benefits of Concrete Pumpkins

Concrete Pumpkins Don’t Rot

Living in Texas where fall weather can be hot can increase the chances of a real outdoor pumpkin decoration rotting.

However, with concrete pumpkins you don’t have to worry about this. Concrete pumpkins don’t rot so you can leave it out for the entire fall season!

Keeps Wildlife Away from Your Porch

With real pumpkins, wildlife can often find their way to your porch and munch on your decoration.

However, with concrete pumpkins this isn’t an issue. Concrete pumpkins don’t have a scent that attracts wildlife, so you can keep your decoration out all season long.

Easy and Fun to Decorate

Carving pumpkins can be a fun, but messy task especially when kids are joining in on the fun.

However, concrete pumpkins are extremely easy to make and kids will enjoy doing them. Also, there are many ways to decorate them, including painting, decorative studs, adding candy, planters and more!

How to Make a Concrete Pumpkin

Firstly, you will need the following materials:

  • plastic pumpkin
  • plastic cup (a red solo cup works)
  • ready-mix concrete from Navasota Concrete
  • cooking spray
  • water
  • trowel or mixing spoon
  • scissors, utility knife
  • face mask
  • disposable gloves

Steps for Making a Concrete Pumpkin

concrete pumpkins

  1. Cut the handle off the plastic pumpkin bucket.
  2. Spray the cooking spray on the outside of the cup and inside of the plastic pumpkin. Then, set aside for later (this will help the plastic release from the concrete once it’s cured.
  3. Put on the face mask and gloves. Then, mix up the ready-mix concrete. Slowly add water to the concrete and mix until it is well mixed. You want a mixture with similar consistency to that of brownie batter.
  4. Add concrete mixture to the plastic pumpkin. Then, gently tap the pumpkin on the ground or table to bring air bubbles to the surface. Continue mixing up the ready-mix concrete and adding to the pumpkin until nearly even with the top.
  5. Center the plastic cup and push down into the center of the pumpkin opening. Then, remove any excess concrete that oozes out of the top or sides.
  6. Cover the pumpkin with plastic wrap and place a large, heavy, flat object on the top. This will keep the cup from floating up out of place.
  7. Let the pumpkin dry for at least 20+ hours.
  8. Using the utility knife, cut through the plastic to remove the concrete. Next, peel off the plastic and let dry for another 24 hours before decorating.


Contact Navasota Concrete with the link below to order your ready-mix Halloween concrete for your concrete pumpkin!

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